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Life & Disability

We purchase insurance for our Autos and Homes to replace their value in the event they are damaged or stolen. Autos and Homes are expensive but are they your most valuable asset? What would happen if you or your spouse was unable to provide an income for your family because he or she dies or becomes disabled? Will you have to sell your home? Will you be able to send your children to college? Will your lifestyle change? What will you do to replace the income that you have grown accustom to? These are difficult questions to answer especially while grieving over the loss of a loved one.However, Life and Disability Insurance can help avoid these financial worries and concerns and now is a great time to purchase or review your Life and Disability Insurance needs. Term Life Insurance rates are at an all-time low. In many cases you can buy a policy for less money today than what you could have 5 years ago.CFG offers all types of Life and Disability Insurance products and Financial Services. Here is a partial list to name a few…Term Life Insurance, Universal Life, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Annuities, IRA and Group Health Insurance Collegeville Financial Group can help you protect your most valuable asset… YOU!
Keystone Insurers Group was founded in 1983 in Central Pennsylvania and has expanded over the years to become the fifth largest privately owned insurance agency in the United States. A federally-licensed franchisor of independent agencies, Keystone has over 230 locally owned and operated Independent Agency partners in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.
As part of the Keystone family, Collegeville Financial Group can also offer special insurance programs to many types of businesses, such as: Auto Repair Garages (endorsed by the AASP), Fuel Oil Dealers, Accountants, Charter Bus Companies, Pennsylvania Municipal Insurance Program, and Pennsylvania School Bus Companies (endorsed by the PSBA) just to name a few.
To find out more about these and other group programs visit the Keystone Insurers Group web site by clicking on the logo above or call your local franchise.
Collegeville Financial Group at 610-454-0300.